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South Palm Dental offers an extensive range of preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental procedures for patients of all ages in Boynton Beach, FL. Dr. Luis Franceschi and Mary-Helen Habib and their group of highly skilled staff members work together to ensure every one of their patients have access to the most innovative procedures in dentistry.

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Sealants are a great way to protect against tooth decay and cavities on your back teeth (molars).


Dental implants are a permanent and appealing solution to replace missing or extracted teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Lumineers are very thinly shaped porcelain that is bonded to your tooth.


Endodontics is the dental specialty that deals with the nerves of the teeth.

Changing lives one smile at a time​

OVER 500
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South Palm Dental
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Barbara SchmidtBarbara Schmidt
12:04 04 Apr 22
They are the best. The girls that clean ur teeth also best cleaning They know what they are doing I use Dr Habib but they are great the girls in the back monica + the girls are the best for sure
G LoveG Love
00:37 21 Feb 22
Wonderful staff had a root canal. Great customer service
Kailee PotterKailee Potter
14:40 18 Jan 22
Thank you for solving our issues ❤️
Nicola HuNicola Hu
23:00 17 Jan 22
I used to dread going to the dentist till I found this gem of a place called South Palm Dental.Dr. Franceschi is simply amazing. He checked up on me after my wisdom teeth were pulled. The entire staff is professional, courteous and remembers you every time you visit.I’ve been to several dentists and by far South Palm Dental had the most accommodating prices.
Jill HilbertJill Hilbert
20:56 29 Sep 21
I am extremely happy with South Palm Dental. The dentists, hygienist Rosa and the rest of the staff are professional, knowledgeable, pleasant and accommodating. And this is from a very scared dental patient. I recently had a dental emergency and they got me right in. I honestly cannot think of anything that I would want improved.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sensitive teeth often come from the fact that your gums have slightly receded. This recession of the gum line allows the underlying dentin to show through which allows water and food easier access to the sensitive nerve. To manage this, there are a number of toothpastes, gels and even some dental procedures that can be applied. Speak to us in more detail if you have very sensitive teeth.

Great teeth and gum care start at home. Brushing and flossing on a daily basis is the best way to take care of your teeth and gums on a continual basis. By keeping to a daily routine you will greatly minimize the risk of gingivitis or tooth decay as you age.

Gingivitis is a condition caused when bacteria surrounds the teeth and enters the gums. The gums can become irritated, inflamed and often bleed. In order to prevent the condition from worsening, regular hygiene visits are highly recommended. During your visit, our Hygiene team will teach you the proper flossing techniques and Oral Hygiene protocol for Home Care will prevent the Periodontal Disease.

Periodontal Disease is a quiet disease that begins with little or no symptoms. It is caused by bacteria that surrounds the teeth and enters the gums. The immediate condition is known as ‘gingivitis’. The gums become irritated, inflamed and often bleed. If not properly treated, the condition worsens. Noticeable symptoms now appear. They include:

  • Bad Breath
  • Gum Recession
  • Gum Sensitivity to Acidic Foods
  • Abscesses
  • Tooth Pain
  • Tooth Loss

Periodontal Disease is a chronic condition that needs immediate attention. Through a series of Periodontal Cleanings, Root Planing & Scaling, Laser Therapy and Local Antibiotics, this condition can be controlled. Periodontal Surgery is only necessary for severe cases.

Silver Fillings known as Amalgam have been around for decades. Made from a metal alloy, it was the best restoration for fillings. The metal expands and contracts with the heat and cold placed in the mouth. This allowed for little bacteria to enter a tooth once filled; keeping the tooth healthy and strong.

White Fillings, also known as composites are often made of plastic or glass polymers. These cosmetic fillings allow us to fill a cavity with a substance that will look and feel just like your existing tooth structure. This restoration is created with a resin material and fits tightly into a tooth to prevent decay. Rather than a gray or silver material in your mouth, the composite color will match the tooth color.

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